SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course in Chennai

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the Digital Marketing Techniques adopted by industries to exhibit their business information that consists of products or services in the top search results of search engines like Google , Bing , yahoo many more.

How SEO Works?

Have a tour how the SEO works. Let us take an example – assume you are a customer and you want to find a restaurant in Chennai that specializes in North Indian dishes. For this you go to Google and probably type a keyword like “Restaurants in Chennai, serving North Indian Cuisine,” now Google may display a few pages in Google; customers normally click only the top 5 or 6 search results and settle among them. The role of SEO expert is to push their particular hotel website to the top in Google and it’s called the SEO; in short placing a website to the top in search engines is called SEO.

As the customers are lazy and they don’t like to go to the second page in search engines like Google, the ones that appears top in Google page would get lot of clicks and that would lead to website traffic (customer Acquisition) and this traffic from SEO would result in generating conversions in the form of leads or sale of products.

Almost 35% of the revenue that companies make through website are through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Thus WebGuni in Chennai, India, had Initiated certificate Training Course in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our SEO training Program in Chennai consists of both classroom and online training in Chennai and covers the topics right from the basics of understanding the current website, design concepts of the website, understanding the SEO elements present in the site, and then fitting the right content, design and code to the website to ensure that web pages appear top in search results.

We teach how to implement SEO and also offer training on Designing Blogs/ Websites in WordPress, SEO Diagnosis Tools and SEO report generation Techniques.

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