Corporate Training

Webguni’s one day workshop on Leadership and conflict management is practical, proven and time tested. The programme is conducted by Mr. Martin Robert one of the most acclaimed life coach and trainers in this country. The programme is intensive and comprehensive to address the fundamentals of Leadership and Interpersonal relationship towards Team Building and leaves a lasting impact in the minds of the participants. The programme brings a constructive change in the belief, thoughts process, words and actions and results in the outcome of a strong team to take on the challenges ahead to achieve and excel.

Team Building

Every organisation is made of people. It is the people in the organisation who make it or break it. The real threat to any organisation is not the competition in the market but it is the complacency the affects the minds of the people within. The Leaders role therefore is to take the whole team towards the organisational goals in a concerted manner and ensure the peak performance of his team to over throw this complacent attitude and have a winning team.

Time Management Training Benefits:

  • Increased individual productivity, accountability and commitment
  • Much more timely individual and team project completion
  • More effective communication throughout the organization
  • Less negative organizational stress
  • Noticeably improved teamwork

Customized Training Programmes

Leadership Communication

There is a marked difference how a corporate executive communicates and how a leader communicates. The program aims to bring about a shift from effective communication to inspiring communication.

Time Management & Personal Effectiveness

The program helps participants master time management skills that will help them stay afloat in a world of “Too much to do”, Avoid burn out and keep them relaxed, refreshed, focused and productive.

Decoding Facial Expressions

Decoding Facial Expressions is a one Day Training Program to enhance ability to read subtle facial expressions, non – verbal behaviour and detecting deception

Positive Attitude& Achievement

This program helps participants to master their mind, develop powerful positive thoughts and channelize their energy for productive and creative work.

Goal Setting

This program explains the difference between goals and dreams; distinguishes between short and long term goals as well as Professional, physical, financial, Intellectual goals, and social goals; and offers strategy for achieving them.

Effective Communication & Presentation Skills

The program focuses on mastering communication and presentation skills. The participants gain confidence and skills to produce better results through communication & presentation.

Improving Memory & Present Moment Awareness

There is no such thing as a poor memory, only a trained or untrained one. The program aims to enhance present moment awareness and helps the participant develop retentive and accurate memory.

Negotiation Skills – the NLP Way

Everybody negotiates all the time, at work, at home and as a consumer. This program helps the participants to master the art of  persuasion.  The program will immerse the participants in leading edge knowledge, strategies and tools covering all the essential elements for successful business negotiations.

Work Life Balance

Work life balance does not mean equal balance. The program while keeping in mind that each individual’s needs and aspirations are unique, strives to bring about a higher level of achievement & enjoyment every day, both on the job and off the job.

Corporate, Email and Telephone Etiquette

Excellent manners, while using telephone, entertaining guests are essential to leave a mark.  The program includes telephone, mail  and cubicle etiquette, dinning etiquette, and smart dressing for men and women.

Exceptional Customer Service

What is good customer service? How can it go from good to great? It’s an excellent program to energize employees, impress customers, enhance image and increase repeat business.

Art of Decision Making

The ability to make wise, educated decisions is essential to live a successful and fulfilled life. But making a good decision and avoiding a horrible one is not a chance act. It’s a skill – One that can be learned and perfected.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

This program builds up Emotional Health through EI model. Research reveals happy and radiant people are more likely to work  towards goals, find the resources they need and attract others with their energy and optimism.

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